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Glad you all made it! This seemsto be the spring of big storms! We are experiencing Junuary here!

Happy Birthday to your little one!

Mrs. L

This so made me smile. Glad we don't have to deal with tornadoes here. And certainly a memorable 1st for your little boy!


Glad you all were safe. Had to chuckle...certainly will be a memorable Bday - for you, if not for him.

Jenn Lynn

You will have those stories forever! What an awesome 1st b-day (and what a cutie)!


This is just CRAZY.
But in hindsight sounds like a lot of fun.

Glad your home safe and sound.


I think Iowa is a great place to spend a first birthday! :) I miss my home state. . .although I don't really miss the crazy weather. Glad you weren't caught on the side of the road & that you had somewhere to go.

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