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amazing quilt...err quilt top:)

Kirsten H

I so many unfinished projects, including quilts. You are not alone!


The quilt looks like it will be awesome when you finish it. He is such a cutie!

My 5th baby was 8 days late!! What's up with that? Aren't they supposed to get earlier with each one? :)


I know Melanie... Christopher was my third,I thought for sure I'd have him at least a week early! Well better late than never I guess and he was certainly worth the wait!


They always are :) And it is interesting to see that once they are here, you wish you had just a bit more time to prepare things before they arrived.

Lisa J.

Oh girl the castor oil worked on me. I thought if I had to eat one more TUMS I was going to scream so I decided to induce my labor instead. So with being a week past due I followed the recipe of castor oil and orange juice followed by chocolate times 2 4 hours apart only if first dose doesn't work. Let me just say that it did. The chocolate binds the oil up so it can be dissolved as well.

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